See what happy users say about Homeschool Day Book:

It is the easiest way to keep track of an almost unschooled relaxed learning day on the computer, and keeping me on a focused track. For me and my lego lovin’ dart shootin’ boys -- it is a good fit.

Angie W. (Petra School)

It has to be one of the easiest record keeping programs I have found, trust me, I've tried a lot.

Deanna G. (Countryside Academy)

I downloaded the trial of your program . . . It is fantastic!!!

Michelle D.

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your product! . . . I love the simplicity of your product and the detail that we are allowed to add to really make it work for us.

Ally T.

I have to say that the nitty-gritty detailed record keeper in me was pleased as punch . . . I like it so much better . . . that I am contemplating a purchase of this software for 4-H project record keeping alone.

Tracy S. (Living & Learning in Oz)

This program is fantastic! I love the fact that I can make a mini "blog" about what we've done and then add my own subject labels. I haven't found anything else that's this easy to use for my style of homeschooling!

Steph S.

I love the Homeschool Day Book . . . Thanks so much for creating this program!

Angela S.

I am very impressed with how simple yet thorough your program is! I have 7 kids, I home school, and keeping track of them all is a pain at times. Your program made it so simple, I love it!

Jaelene H.

I really love the program and can't wait to get back to keeping track of things again!

Joy S.

Thanks for making this great tool . . . I really like it because I can free form what we did without "grading" it. I love that I can just enter what we did and attach subjects and time to it and we're done!

Stacy R.

It is so easy to use . . . easy to manage the records to print them . . . easy to keep records on all the kids at once . . .

Charlie H. (KC Homeschool)

Let's Homeschool recommends Homeschool Day Book for homeschool record keeping.

Homeschool Day Book is exactly what we are looking for here at our house . . . it's great that it has the flexibility to keep up with our "less structured" lifestyle!

Juliette C-W.