Update: Homeschool Day Book is now entirely free for personal use.

The "free trial" described here is actually the fully featured version of the software with no restrictions. You can follow the instructions below to get set up, but you won't need to worry about limited uses or licensing.

To download your free trial version, click here or on the download button below.

Homeschool Day Book runs on Windows XP up through Windows 10. (*)

The trial version of Homeschool Day Book has all the features of the permanent version. The only restriction is a limit on the number of uses before licensing.

Once you have run the install, you'll get a "blue house" icon on your desktop:

Home Icon

Double-click the blue house to get started with Homeschool Day Book. The software will help you with your personalized home school setup (it's fast!) and you'll be off and running!


(*) Operating System Details: Homeschool Day Book runs on Windows XP up through Windows 10. It will not run on older versions of Windows. Sorry, no Mac or Linux either.

If you have an older computer, you may need a Microsoft update called ".NET Framework 2.0". If you need this update, Homeschool Day Book will tell you when you start the installation, and invite you to download the update from Microsoft. You can also download this one-time update from Microsoft here.